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Handpicked. & Ile Flottante 'Beats of a Third Kind'

A The New Beatmaker Favourite Comes Correct yet again

'The next serving from the Handpicked roster comes from Bristol beatmaker Ile Flottante, who’s Beats of a Third Kind project bridges the gap from Terra to Stellar, sending you blasting through the solar spectrum, fat caps in hand, with a broadcast of bomb beats designed for bumping in your boombox.'

Beats of a Third Kind by Ile Flottante
As well as his all original productions, the cassette-only b-side of the tape houses a recording of Ile Flo’s live set from supporting Samiyam at Stereo Cafe Bar, Glasgow, Scotland.

Artwork & internal photo booklet from Mark Worst

Layout & Manufacturing by TUNER

Printed at Lunar Studios LTD

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