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Review: Cozone's 'Beattape Vol. 3: Chopaholic'

Both a Nod to Legends long Established; and an Introduction to a Potential Legend

Whilst the tape's cover may evoke Joe Cool's classic 'Doggystyle' cover, Cozone's 'Beattape Vol. 3: Chopaholic' is an impressive mix of 00's New York, post-Dilla Detroit and contemporary down South trap stylings.

Cozone 'Beattape Vol.3: Copaholic' review
What the project does share with the West Coast canine's classic however, is the meticulous attention to detail of it's production; finely selected and chopped soul, funk, rock and folk samples, weaved into new instrumentation seamlessly, with every track being an epic sonic workout.

Starting with the euphoric, Just Blaze stylings of 'Can't Hide' and the Rsonist / Heatmakerz sounds of 'Crowded Spaces', the epic early 00's sound of Roc A Fella and Dipset hangs over the beginning of the album.

The mournful 'I Don't Know What To Do' evokes 'The Minstrel Show' Little B…

Review: BEWARE 's 'Loosen Up' is a Cross Genre take on the Anxiety Age

A Lo-Fi, yet Accomplished, Exploration of these Trying Times

BEWARE, former writer for the legendary blog The Smoking Section meditates on living in the anxiety age with his instrumental, cross-genre ‘Loosen Up’ project.

The first two cuts show off a dance influence, ‘Our Exes’ kicks off with a morose meltdown from a sitcom character; the desperate yet optimistic ‘Make it Work’ sounds like early Cassius track played on a busted tape deck.

Tracks three and four have a mid to downtempo hip hop flavour. The twisted-yet- beautiful ‘Duck Duck Goose’ evokes The New Beatmaker favourite Evil Alex; whilst ‘Salty’ could be a perfect instrumental for an introspective Beanie Sigel.

‘Victor Red’ has a gorgeous hip hop / RnB vibe evoking images of an idyllic paradise…The strings and female vocal samples are especially poignant touches.

The melancholic and meditative ‘Good Tipper’ brings to mind ‘Play’ era Moby; whilst the old school beat and evocative strings of ‘BoFIII’ are a nice way to begin win…

Jay Bishop: 'All That To Get To This' Album Review

'Jay yet again proves to be a multi-talented artist skilfully employing a myriad of related styles to great effect.

He is unafraid to explore the often painful realities of life with an openness, wit and warmth often lacking in contemporary music.'

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