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#TNBCatchUp #MusicMondays Rich Jones "Light Work" EP Produced by Vapor Eyes

An Enjoyable Collab between an Energetic Everyman Emcee and One of the most Multi-talented Producers in the Game

Rich possesses a likeable, everyman vibe and melodic delivery which compliments Vapor Eyes's sonic pallet; a smooth jazz meets psychedelia vibe, with old school hip hop drums with PLENTY of knock. This is a great introduction to Rich for The New Beatmaker. Vapor Eyes again proves himself to be one of the most musically diverse yet consistently talented producers in the game.

Press Release C/O Vapor Eyes:

Rich Jones "Light Work" EP
Produced by Vapor Eyes

Rich Jones - "Light Work" EP prod. by Vapor Eyes - OUT NOW!
The latest EP from Chicago’s homegrown talent Rich Jones is an exciting pairing with lauded producer Vapor Eyes, a prominent member of the Push Beats collective. The songs are, in a sense, a return to form for Jones, who made waves in 2017 with his shift into pop and r&b music. The release of the VEGAS EP and single 'No Clue' had Rich selling out Lincoln Hall in January and playing North Coast Music Festival this past summer. His success in these genres led to Rich being profiled by FOX 32 Chicago, The Chicago Tribune, NPR Music, and making the cover of the Chicago Reader all within the last year.
Now that Rich has a bit of attention, he offers up a project that is more distinctly hip-hop with elements of the melodic. Light Work EP delivers on these ideas in excellent fashion, showcasing a mature artist ready to ascend to the national stage. The soundscape produced by Vapor Eyes on this EP allows Jones to lay right in his pocket between futuristic lasers and soulful vinyl.  
The album contains guest features from renowned LA-based rapper Kosha Dillz in addition to rising Chicago artists Show You Suck and Sports Boyfriend. Light Work showcases Jones’ talent as both songwriter and vocalist while providing memorable moments for all those involved. It is a celebration and a thank you to Chicago to cap off an incredible year where the city gave so much energy to him. Jones wants to carry that energy out into the country as he prepares a slew of new projects and tour dates for 2018.
Click here to stream Light Work!

#TNBCatchUP: The New Beatmaker takes some time out a few times a year; 'TNBCatchUp' takes a look back at projects which came out during such an hiatus which otherwise would have been featured at the time of release.


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